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Home decorating ideas and modern architecture design

This stunning residence tucked away in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles which was featured in a recent issue of Interior Design Magazine; in this case the interior design and exterior design are in perfect harmony. The main residence is 10,000-square feet with a 2,000-square-foot guest house that encompasses a large courtyard and swimming pool that overlooks a tennis court. Interior design features include vaunted ceilings, exotic woods, veined marble, and of coarse furniture from design greats like Antonio Citterio, Eero Saarinen, Robert Bristow, Arne Jacobsen, and the Castiglioni Brothers just to name a few. Minimalist architects use space as a design feature in and of itself. Instead of trying to fill space with features, they create designs in which the empty space is as carefully thought out and used as everything they add to the room. Basic shapes and straight, clean lines are also important techniques used in minimalist design, as is playing around with different kinds of lighting. The outcome is elegant but without being fussy.

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House interior remodeling trends architectural by Jessica Helgerson

This modern house interior architectural style can be used to remodel your old and contemporary house to modern house with bright and airy great rooms. Neutral colors like white, brown, gray and cream create a mood of stability and practicality. These colors are often used for providing a balancing effect for some of the brighter and bolder colors. Never fail to balance the color throughout your home.

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Japanese minimalist architecture for modern house design

Japanese architects are well known for their experimental, contemporary, minimalist architecture. Black, white and gray are only colors used in designing the interior. The interior of the house with an elegant touch of Japanese minimalism, from all angles, which peacefully surrounded by forested nature. The tea house is one of Japan’s most original and significant architectural forms: a small, simple space for the tea ceremony that traditionally requires a hearth, straw-mat flooring, and a low entrance.Modern Japanese architects have found the challenge of redefining this highly formalized and constrained idiom almost impossible to resist.

by: Kouichi Kimura Architects

Australia modern house design with contemporary architecture

Australia home pictures from a blog that focuses on contemporary design. This home is in Brighton, a beach side neighborhood. What really caught my eye in this property is the use of light throughout the home. In nearly every image the natural light that comes in is cleverly constructed. Employing this architectural technique near a beach is wonderful since an “airy feel” is fitting near the sea. Another feature that I enjoyed was how the pool comes up to the home.
Light dressing – To allow light to flow into a room without interruption, remove secondary glazings on the window since they absorb light. You should also replace heavy curtains with blinds, window shutters or light drapes.
Simple reflection – Placing a mirror near or opposite the window not only makes the room seem larger, it also reflects light around the room, making it brighter.

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Apartment interior white decorating wallpaper modern minimalist

Wallpaper was one of the accessories that functioned to make wall of the house became beautiful and interesting. Type of the house was in a modern minimalist style very appropriate when in each one of his walls in used wallpaper. Type of the house and apartment was in a modern minimalist style very appropriate when in each one of his walls in used white wallpaper. The wallpaper from Coles & Son that’s have a beautiful design. The new look for minimalist interior design is a softer look, more personal and easier to live with. Yes, you can have a real life, or even kids, and go for a minimalist look in your home.


Modern loft interior design ideas by New York architect

Loft in penthouse in Nolita section of Manhattan with central light well and garden. Loft interior design is a world apart from interior design for a home or apartment. A loft creates a challenge because it has a wide, open space that needs to be made into separate living areas. The typical open floor plan of a loft residence can be a challenge to furnish. The best approach is to form zones for each function needed in the space. This might include a living area, bedroom, home office, or dining room.

by Joel Sanders

Apartment red and white interior design gallery

Choosing a wall color is the single most important, though some may say scariest, step in decorating an apartment. Choose a color that complements each of the things you love. Good warm toned colors also make it more comfortable for you to live there. Browns, Reds, Yellows, and Oranges are great colors to open up space and make the room warm and inviting. Use accent rugs to help with the addition of colors as some Landlords do not allow you to paint. Sofa Covers are a great way to add color and save from wear and tear on your furniture. This 80 sqm apartment in Tel Aviv is great example of how adding red parts to such decor could make it not just modern but also harmonic.

Modern and luxury interior design ideas hotel gansevoort

Right from expensive banquets and lounges to hotels and malls every major architectural structure being put up is hiring the best interior designers to give an exotic look that would look appealing to people. Interior design ideas on a professional level require high level of innovativeness and creativity to make the space look peculiar and in the process create an ambience that would suit the theme of the space. Interior design colour is responsible for glow of your space which in turn reflects the mood and purpose of it’s creation. The interiors from Gansevoort hotel, designed with modern style, the first picture is the lobby, the luxurious space with nice lighting, and it use the aquarium wall to make this lobby looking fresh. Colour combination through various paint techniques provides the trick of giving every part of the space a different theme.